Data Center Projects

100+ data center projects

The principals of the company have been major contributors in the project management, design, and relocation of over 100 data centers with a total raised floor space of over 2 million square feet.  Each of our principals has at least 20 years experience with data center design and relocation.

ADP Brokerage Services – data center relocation, Journal Sq, NJ
Advanced Fibre Communications – HQ data center design, Petaluma, CA
AMD – data center relocation, Sunnyvale, CA
AmSouth Bank – data center relocation, Birmingham, AL
Blue Cross & Blue Shield of FL – data center design, Jacksonville, FL
Chevron – Credit card data center relocation, Concord, CA
Chevron – HQ data center relocation, San Ramon, CA
Chevron-Gulf merger – 5 data center relocations – Pittsburgh, Atlanta, London, and 2 in Houston
City of San Francisco – 2 data center relocations, SF, CA
City of San Francisco Interim 911 data center expansion, SF, CA
Comcast – multiple data center design and upgrade projects thoroughout the US
Computer manufacturer – data center strategy and expansion projects – Texas
County of Sacramento – data center relocation, Sacramento, CA
County of Santa Clara – data center relocation, San Jose, CA
Crowley Maritime – data center relocation,  Jacksonville, FL
Drexel Burnham Lambert – 7 World Trade Center data center move, NY
Drexel Burnham Lambert – Lincoln Harbor, NJ data center move
Fidelity Investments – 2 data center moves to Marlborough, MA
Franklin-Templeton – data center redesign, San Mateo, CA
Franklin-Templeton – data center relocation, Rancho Cordova, CA
GlobalCenter – 22 data centers in London (2), Dublin, Paris, Amsterdam, Munich, Frankfurt, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Sydney, Mexico City, Sunnyvale (3), Anaheim, Herndon (2), Boston, Miami, Chicago, and New York (2)
Intel – HQ Engineering data center relocation, Santa Clara, CA
Levi Strauss & Co – data center relocation, Westlake, TX
Market data services company – data center design review – NJ
Mervyn’s – data center relocation, Plano, TX
NationsBank – Dallas and North Carolina disaster recovery data centers
Paine Webber – data center relocation, Lincoln Harbor, NJ
SBC Warburg – data center relocation, Stamford, CT
State of Washington OB2 Data Center Expansion, Olympia, WA
Swiss Bank Corp – 222 Broadway data center relocation, NY, NY
Swiss Bank Corp – Swiss Bank Tower data center relocation, NY, NY
Swiss Bank Corporation – 222 Broadway 3rd fl trading floor data center expansion, NY, NY
Taiwan Stock Exchange data center – Taipei, Taiwan – peer review
Target Corporation – 3 data center relocations in Minneapolis, MA
University of Texas – Austin – computer room cabling system design
Visa – data center & lab design and relocations, Mumbai, Bangalore, Beijing, Shanghai, Cairo, Jakarta, San Mateo, CA, Denver, CO,  McLean, VA, and Singapore
Web search company – data center cabling and pathways design review and standards – Global

J&M Consultants, Inc. is a telecommunications and computer consulting firm that specializes in technology rooms, including data centers, engineering labs, server rooms, and trading floors. We also have extensive experience with office building cabling and campus cabling projects. We are internationally recognized experts in data centers and leading contributors to official U.S., Canadian, European Union, and International data center standards.

Our Services Include
  • Telecommunications infrastructure design for data centers, labs, and office buildings
  • Data center, lab, and office relocation planning
    Project and installation management
  • Enterprise telecom and data center standards
  • Assessment of existing data centers
  • Re-engineering existing infrastructure
  • Peer review